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Trial report from Trade Customer


Dear Peter

Have completed the field trials on your gloves.  Very good reports.

Here is a report we had from a professional PR lady who writes a lot about garden products. We asked her to test them.

"Ref the gardening gloves:
These are truly superb - in the opinion of a serious gardener who does hard
manual work all year - I rarely get this enthusiastic about a product!:

  • Comfortable - unlike most gardening gloves, the small size actually does fit
    my hands

  • Soft and not bulky - so don't impede work as do tough leather gloves

  • Maintain their shape - don't go stiff or lumpy at the finger ends after a
    time like most gloves

  • Stay soft - even when they have got wet

  • Total protection - even from rose thorns or other very prickly shrubs

  • Hard wearing - since October I have worn them virtually every day,
    often all day, in all weathers, and they are as good as new.

The gauntlet pruning gloves are great for protecting forearms when working
in prickly bushes. Can wear them with a sleeveless top - give all the
protection needed, without a bulky heavy duty coat.

Over the years I must have spent a small fortune on gardening gloves that
have quickly worn into holes, got too stiff and clogged up to wear any
longer, or that never fitted very well in the first place. I've tried all
sorts from leather through various fabrics, some with reinforced palms and
fingers - none equal these.

Although comparatively expensive - they do represent excellent value for
money. (the equivalent in gloves to Felco secateurs - in fact the perfect
combination. They would appeal to serious gardeners and professional
horticulturalists but I doubt potterers would pay the price.

What more can I say? Wouldn't be without them."